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Downhole Solutions

Custom Sensor Design, Inc.

High-pressure/high-temperature pressure sensors with high accuracy in analog, amplified, and ratiometric outputs. Integrated RTD temperature options and digital output available soon. Pressure sensor envelopes can be under 3/8" OD, and custom requirements are a core competency.
CSD Pressure Transducers

TLX Technologies, LLC

Custom solenoids and solenoid valves built to handle the hight temperature and shock of the downhole environment in packages for tight envelopes.
DSTI Swivels

Jewell Instruments, Inc.

Miniature accelerometers are state-of-the-art quartz flexure technology that provides high accuracy, repeatability, and stability even in the harshest of environments.
Jewell QFA

Martec Limited

Specialty connectors and penetrators are designed to address extreme pressure and high temperature with wide material selection. Applications include wireline tools, MWD/LWD, downhole instrumentation, and secondary containment seal for fire barrier requirement.
Martec Downhole Connector

Sensy S.A.

High temperature multi-axial force transducers and solutions (Compression - Bending & Torque) especially developed for downhole logging and monitoring.
Sensy Multi-Axial Transducers

Performance Controls, Inc.

Downhole servo amplifiers provide motor control for a variety of oil and gas applications such as MWD, LWD, wireline systems, directional and horizontal drilling, and artificial lift pumps. Performance Controls' amplifiers operate at 350 deg F (175 deg C), with or without a motor feedback sensor.
Sensy Multi-Axial Transducers
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