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Meridian Laboratory

ROTOCON® high-performance, low-noise, non-contacting, rotary connectors & assemblies that are environmentally sealed with high current handling capabilities. Also capable of handling both power and control signals in same assembly.
Martec Subsea Connector

Jewell Instruments, Inc.

Inertial sensors using servo accelerometer technology for acceleration and tilt measurements. Applications include riser stack alignment, Mux pods, DPS feedback, ship/barge leveling, and other controls.
Jewell Inertial Sensors

Hohner Automation

Submersible encoders capable of 5,000 PPR at 600 RPM and 3,000 ft. (1,000 m) operation. Various mounting and shaft configurations, as well as custom specifications, are available to 6000m.
Hohner Submersible Encoders

Sensy S.A.

Solutions for submerged and subsea force measurement through load pins, load shackles and tensiometers. Standard and customized products available.
Sensy Load Pins
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