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Hohner Automation

Absolute and Incremental Encoders, Tachometers and Accessories with ATEX, CSA, UL, and IECEx certifications. Intrinsically-Safe battery-powered transmitters, automation packages and complete design-for-purpose assemblies. Innovative assemblies include geolographs, mudflow meters, and hook-load tension sensors for such uses as drawworks, top drives or coiled tubing applications.
Hohner Encoders

Sensy S.A.

Wide range of force and torque measurement solutions. Load pins, hook load sensors, pancake load cells, reaction torque transducers. Material Ex certified according to ATEX, CSA Canada, CSA Us and IECEx. Load pins and tensiometers available in Ex d versions (Explosion proof - ATEX).
Sensy Tensiometers

Pyropress Engineering

Explosion proof and flame proof switches for pressure, differential pressure, vacuum, temperature, level, and flow for hazardous area applications with ATEX and IECEx certifications. Pressure and temperature transmitters with ATEX Exd and Exia certifications available.
Lisk LVDTs

Meridian Laboratory

ROTOCON® high-performance, low noise, non-contacting, Slip Rings with high current handling & power and control signals capabilities in same assembly.
DSTI Fluid Rotary Unions & Hose Reels
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