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Downhole Solutions

Protos represents principals specializing in  top rated solutions for downhole applications. Learn more about our products for your downhole projects. 

Custom HTHP framed and frameless motors, Electro Mechanical Actuators (EMAs) and Controls

Precision actuation with compact packaging, tailored for downhole applications and HTHP environmental conditions

Solenoids, Solenoid Valves, and Check & Relief Valves

Custom linear and rotary solenoids, solenoid valves, and check & relief valves manufactured for demanding application including customized configurations for high temperature, pressure, shock, and exotic fluids. 

Mini QFAs

Miniature accelerometers are state-of-the-art quartz flexure technology that provides high accuracy, repeatability, and stability even in the harshest of environments. 

Multiaxial Force Sensors

High temperature multi-axial force transducers and

solutions (Compression – Bending & Torque) especially developed for downhole logging and monitoring. 

Pressure Transducers

High-pressure/high-temperature pressure sensors with high accuracy in analog, amplified, and ratiometric outputs. RTD integration is available along with connector or flying lead configurations. Pressure sensor envelopes can be under 3/8” OD, and custom requirements are a core competency.

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