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Topside Solutions

Protos represents principals specializing in sensing and motion solutions that perform at the top of industry standards. Learn more about our products we support for this application. 

Flexible Electric Linear Servo Actuators

Actuators with inline and foldback design and internal anti-rotation, with a variety of motor windings for optimal performance.

Fluid Rotary Unions

Standard & custom rotary unions and swivels for demanding applications such as coiled tubing, casing running, cementing tubs, drilling mud, subsea & high pressure lines. 

Ex Encoders & Mudflow Meters

Absolute & incremental encoders & tachometers with ATEX, CSA, UL & IECEx certifications. Automation & complete design-for-purpose assemblies such as geolographs, mudflow & hook-load sensors. 


Products include Mud Pit Leve Sensor, Hammer Union Pressure Sensor, Running Line Tensions Sensor, Electrical Slip Rings, Fractional Mud Pump Stroke Counter, Heave Compensator, Draworks Encoders, Top Drive Encoders, Tri-Axial Inclinometer and Accelerometer.

Solenoids, Solenoid Valves, and Check & Relief Valves

Custom linear and rotary solenoids, solenoid valves, and check & relief valves manufactured for demanding application including customized configurations for high temperature, pressure, shock, and exotic fluids. 


Force & torque solutions, such as load pins, hook load sensors, pancake load cells, and reaction torque transducers. ATEX, CSA, & IECEx certifications available.

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